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Thank you for your interest and support of Georgia Blade Bait Company.

Georgia Blade is a bait company with over 30 years in the fishing industry.

We are Honored to be your GO TO bait company.

We sell our product wholesale, so look for us in your fishing stores. 

Georgia Blade products are made with the finest workmanship & quality component material. 

All products are made locally in Dawsonville, GA. 

We produce quality Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Rattling Jigs, Stripper Jigs,  Buzzbaits, Umbrella Rigs, Shad Spins, Flutter Spoons, Jigging Spoons and Shepoons, a bait exclusive to Georgia Blade.

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We sell wholesale to your local fishing centers. We are Honored to be invited into our stores, and your fishing world. 

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Georgia Blade Premium Handcrafted Fishing Lures

Premium Non-Rattling & Rattling Jigs


Georgia Blade Jigs are consistent tournament winners!

We have many winning color/size combinations. We are making new colors regularly.

We work to determine what colors work best. Combined with the right trailer, you will be bringing home the trophy.

Georgia Blade rattling jigs have double rattle for extra sound.

Georgia Blade jigs & rattling jigs are available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 & 3/4 ounce!!

Georgia Blade Jigs use Mustad Premium Jig hooks, extra strong, ultra point

1/4 oz jig 3/0

3/8 oz jig 4/0

1/2 oz jig 4/0

3/4 oz jig 5/0

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Premium Spinnerbait


Georgia Blade Spinnerbaits are made with the finest workmanship & quality component material. 

Often referred to as the most versatile lure, as they are fished successfully year around. 

Fishing them slow, and bumping against a structure will be more than most bass can resist!! 

We offer many color & material combinations. 

Our Premium Spinnerbait is available in cone head, shad head and hidden weight, in several colors. 

They are available in 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz. 

We offer many combinations of Colorado and willow leaf blades. 

 We have .035 R-Bend wire for maximum vibration. 

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Premium Night Spinnerbait



Georgia Blade Premium Night Spinnerbaits come in many color and material combinations. 

They are avail in 1/2 oz, and 3/4 oz. 

They have Premium Colorado blades in gold, nickel, black laquer and bubblegum. 

We have .040 R-Bend wire for maximum vibration. 


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Premium Buzzbaits


Fall is prime Buzzbait time. Cooling weather will move the bass shallow. With prime 

conditions, they feed aggressively. 

Georgia Blade Buzzbaits will get you the bite every time. They are available in white & 

black, ¼, 3/8 & ½ ounce (black 3/8 & 1/2). Many Skirt colors available.

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Premium Striper Jigs



Georgia Blade Striper Jigs are versatile and very effective. They can be fished in a number of ways and conditions. Bass love them, striper bass can not resist them.

We offer many color and size combinations.

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Premium Shad Spins


 Georgia Blade Shad Spins are available in many sizes, White, White/red splash & camo, with nickel or white blades, ¼, 3/8 and ½ ounce. 

When the fish are feeding on shad, herring, or any small bait, you can not beat the versatility of our shad spin.

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Georgia Blade Premium Spoons are great baits for summer-time schooling fish and jigging in the fall and winter.

Spoons are available in ½ & ¾ ounce, white, camo and blue back.



 Shepoons are great baits for summer-time schooling fish and jigging in the fall and winter

Georgia Blade Shepoon is exclusive to Georgia Blade. The added benefit of flash and vibration is due to its unique design.

Shepoons are available in ½ & ¾ ounce, white, camo and blue back.

Premium Umbrella Rigs


The opportunity to fish different baits on one rig brings huge advantages to fishing. 

Georgia Blade Umbrella rigs come both bladed, and non-bladed. Rig your center blade with a slightly bigger bait to drive the fish wild!!

Flutter Spoons



Georgia Blade Flutter Spoons will get you the Big Bass, usually the Biggest in a school.

Georgia Blade Flutter Spoons are avaliable in nickel, nickel flake, white, white flake, camo flake, and mirror blue flake, 4”, 5”, & 6”.

Jig Heads



We sell our Georgia Blade Jig Heads, Screw Ball Jigs, and Shakey Head Jigs  (3 TO PKG), Jig Heads (¼, 3/8 & ½ OZ), Screw Ball Jigs & Shakey Head Jigs in 3/16, Green Pumpkin, Black and Brown



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